Wednesday, August 9, 2023

The Questers -- August 9, 2023

The Questers book group met in August to discuss Robin Cook's Blindsight.
This is the first book in a fourteen book series that began in 1992 and added its last installment in 2023. Cook develops his main character, Laurie Montgomery as a medical examiner, in this medical thriller.

When Laurie is performing autopsies on a series of overdoses by young, wealthy professionals, her personal pain of losing her brother to an overdose prompts her to take her investigation further than her superiors have ordered. She can't shake the feeling that these deaths are caused by tainted cocaine and could be prevented if her boss would simply see what she sees instead of focusing too much on the political ramifications of publicizing the rampant use of illegal drugs by high class and influential families. 

At the same time Laurie is noticing this series of deaths, Lou Soldano is a New York detective investigating a series of mob hits. Visiting the morgue is out of his comfort zone, but his attraction to Laurie makes it easier, if not a little awkward for the reader. The Questers had a hard time pulling for this couple's potential romance, as the chemistry seemed lacking. As both characters work their cases, eventually a tie is made between Laurie's overdoses and Lou's homicides. 

Overall, the Questers liked the book, giving it 3.12 stars out of 5. They did have a hard time reconciling some of the errors, such as a complete disregard for doctor-patient confidentiality. It seemed like a huge plot hole that was only briefly mentioned by the author. Others felt like there were just too many characters to keep straight and the characters seemed a bit cliché.

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